Care must haves for men

Because male skin needs looking after too

Men are different, and so is their skin. Although the higher testosterone content means it is much thicker than women’s skin, it contains more collagen and therefore stays looking younger for longer. And although the biological ageing process starts much sooner at 25, it also progresses more slowly. This means the effects are not evident so quickly.

But even though men quite literally have a thicker skin, it still has to deal with environmental influences and the requirements of daily life. It is constantly under stress, and requires a high level of flexibility and plenty of energy in order to cope with it. And yes, men with wrinkles are indeed interesting, but well-cared for wrinkles and a fresh complexion are more attractive.

Power and new energy for stressed male skin

REJUVEN® MENthe fresh and stimulating fragranced skincare line by Juvena is specially matched to suit the specific requirements of men’s skin. It helps particularly to recharge the batteries in the skin – quickly, practically and easy to use. The skin’s own moisture reservoirs are filled up so that the skin is perfectly protected against internal and external stress situations. Visible lifestyle sins are compensated. The resulting saccharification processes (glycation – one of the main causes of visible skin ageing) are stopped.

The highest quality ingredients vitalise even deeper layers of the skin, providing new energy and freshness. Calcium release is stimulated, which greatly increases the energy potential.

REJUVEN® MEN also efficiently counters the signs of tiredness and a dull complexion. The facial features are firmed, remodelled and contoured, while the skin tone is given a fresh, radiant appearance – for a new sporty, attractive appeal.


We have summed up all care-must haves for each type of man, whether modern, sporty or more elegant.

Pore Cleansing Foamy Gel (for all skin types)

A fresh foaming facial cleanser for mornings and evenings. The delicate foam cleanses the skin quickly, thoroughly and deep down, and can easily be used for cleansing and shaving in one. It leaves the skin looking matt and feeling fresh.

Energy Boost Concentrate (for all skin types)

A real energy splash – for more moisture and freshness. The highly effective concentrate revitalises, moisturises and optimises the skin, invisibly smoothing fine wrinkles and roughness.

After Shave Comforting & Soothing Balm (for all skin types)

Fast calming and gentle care after shaving. Stressed areas of skin are instantly balanced. The lightweight texture provides revitalising moisture and new energy.

Sportive Cream Anti Oil & Shine (for all skin types)

The ideal daytime moisturiser for a naturally matt appearance. The lightweight cream provides a dynamic freshness and a well-cared for, matt complexion at the same time. Unnatural shine is reduced and the skin tone revitalised without tinting it.

Superior Care Anti-Age Cream (for all skin types)

This highly effective anti-ageing skincare is a veritable power pack against pronounced wrinkles. It efficiently reduces all signs of tiredness and helps the skin to new energy and vitality.

Global Anti-Age Eye Cream (for all skin types)

Particularly intensive anti-ageing skincare specially for the eye area. Even pronounced expression lines and dark shadows around the eyes are quickly and visibly minimised. The delicate eye area is noticeably destressed.

Beard & Hair Grooming Oil

The perfect all-rounder for beard care and hair styling. A single product to groom and shape the hair of the beard, and naturally style any haircut.

Moisture Boost Shower & Shampoo Gel

2in1 freshness kick from head to foot. The fresh shower gel and shampoo already provides the skin with intensive moisture while showering, and guarantees an energy-charged start to the day.

Moisture Boost Body Lotion (for all skin types)

The daily moisturiser for the body is refreshingly light, yet intensively nourishing at the same time. It is instantly absorbed by the skin and remains invisible. The sporty, elegant fragrance suits any Eau de Toilette.

Deodorant 24H Effect (for all skin types)

Dynamic freshness for the well-groomed man. The skin-friendly deodorant with a 24-hour long-term effect is a safe and reliable companion for the day.