Fascianista – interview Barbara Schett

You always look unbelievably sporty, even though you resigned from your professional career several years ago. Does time really pass you by without leaving any traces?

Barbara Schett: Of course not! I can also see that my body is changing. The right exercise is extremely important to me. And for my skin: Fascianista exercises my skin while I care for it!

You always look good-humored and positive. Do you sometimes have moments when you do not feel so comfortable with yourself?

Barbara Schett: Yes sure! Especially after long distance flights or after a long evening wearing high heels, I have the feeling that I do not recognize my body anymore. My legs are heavy, my fingers are swollen …

Barbara Schett: My yoga exercises, a large cup of ginger tea and in addition to Fascianista care, an extra-long massage with the Fascianista 3D Massage Roller. Especially in such moments, I trust the deep effect of the Fascianista products.

Do you have any special tips for us?

Barbara Schett: Be happy with who you are, and treat yourself to a little bit of luxury every day! Fascianista turns my time in the bathroom into a wonderful care ritual, my freshness boost in the morning or fabulous “me time” in the evening that helps me to forget the stress of the day.