Sun protection: 7 tips

Summer Sun and Sunshine.

Finally, it’s the beginning of summer! However, as much as we love the sunlight, we should enjoy it with caution. Although UV-radiation (ultraviolet radiation) is healthy in a small dose, it invades the skin’s cells and releases radicals if your body is exposed to large amounts of it. Thus, in addition to a sunburn, an eye inflammation and premature skin aging (“Photoaging”), the sun can also cause skin cancer.

For these reasons, you shouldn’t forget to protect your skin!

Here are  7 tips from Juvena how you can enjoy your time in the sun without causing damage to your skin.

  1. Radiation is most intense at midday, between 11am and 3pm. Timetable your sunbathing session for the morning or late afternoon.
  2. To protect your eyes always wear sunglasses. Not only will this protect you from wrinkles developing around your eyes, but it also protects your eyes from UV damage.
  3. Only stay in the sun for as long as it feels good. Your body will tell you when you’ve had enough. After you’ve “regenerated” a little, you can look forward to your next sunbathing session with a clear conscience!
  4. During and after your time in the sun, pamper your skin with an extra portion of moisture, and make sure you drink plenty! Sunshine and sweating make your body lose even more moisture.
  5. Apply sun protection regularly, especially after you’ve been in water, to make sure your skin is still protected.
  6. Always apply a generous amount of sun protection! The protective effect can only come into place where the UB filters are in close proximity to each other. Like an invisible protective shield!
  7. Always apply sun protection before spending time in the sun. This will ensure your skin can enjoy optimum protection right from its first contact with the sun.

You will find the Juvena Sun Care Collection here.