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Body Contour Gel

Intensive and active impact to combat female problem areas.

24h Deodorant

Die tägliche Frische mit 24-Stunden Wohlfühleffekt.

Cream Deodorant

Cream Deodorant

Geschmeidige Deocreme mit Anti-Transpirant-Wirkung für alle Ansprüche.

Eau de Juvena

Das sommerlich-leichte Körperspray.

Refreshing Shower Gel

Refreshing Shower Gel

Cremiges Duschgel mit frischer Duftnote.

Rich Intensive BodyCare Cream

Rich & Intensive Body Care Cream

Verwöhnende Bodycreme mit Wellnesscharakter.

Smoothing Firming Body Lotion

Smoothing & Firming Body Lotion

Straffende, glättende Bodylotion.

Vitalizing Massage Oil

Vitalizing Massage Oil

Luxuriöse Körperwellness in Öl-Form.



The pomegranate is a fruit of a small tree that is said to have already flowered in the garden of Eden. Since ancient times the pomegranate provided dyestuffs and medicines as well as a refreshing fruit juice. From the yellow-red peel of the fruit an extract is obtained that has astringent, soothing and antioxidative properties.