Massage Roller

FASCIANISTA 3D Massage Roller

Exercises our fascia, and thereby strengthens the body‘s entire supporting tissue.

Fascianista Body Cream

SkinNova Body Cream

For a feeling of luxuriously well-groomed skin!

Fascianista Serum

SkinNova Body Serum

Fascianista Skin Nova Body Serum is the concentrated care formula for the body that gets under the skin!


Almost transparent, flexible, highly elastic and virtually tear-proof, fascial tissue surrounds the body beneath the skin like a finely-spun web, connecting everything together. Consisting of water, collagen and various adhesive substances, it provides stability, elasticity and mobility in our body.

Without the interplay between the fascia we would not be able to survive. They are an important component in our immune system, and play a fascinating role as the communications centre in our body.


  • muscles can neither work nor retain their shape without fascial envelopes? They would flow apart like viscous syrup.
  • the number of sensors in the fascia far exceeds the number of sensors in the muscles?
  • fascia provide information on movement, position, tension, pressure and pain to the brain and the vegetative nervous system?
  • fascia are our biggest sensory organ? Their surface is even greater than that of the skin.
  • fascia are the key organ for body perception?
Source: Faszien Fitness, Robert Schleip