Rejuven® Men


After Shave Balm

After Shave Comforting Soothing Balm

Deep-down comfort for stressed skin – especially beneficial after shaving.

Beard and Hair Grooming oil

Beard & Hair Grooming Oil

Nourishing oil for a well cared-for looking beard.

Energy Boost Concentrate

Energy Boost Concentrate

Essential moisture as the first step in the skincare regime.

24h Deo

Deodorant 24h Effect

All day long vitality and freshness.

Global Anti Age Cream

Global Anti-Age Cream

Comprehensive anti-ageing cream revitalises the skin deep down.

MEN Global Anti-Age Eye Cream

Global Anti-Age Eye Cream

Comprehensive anti-ageing eye cream revitalises the skin deep down.

Moisture Boost Body Lotion

Moisture Boost Body Lotion

For refreshed, revitalised body skin.

Moisture Boost Shower

Moisture Boost Shower & Shampoo Gel

For refreshed, revitalised skin and well cared-for hair.

Pore Cleansing Foamy Gel

Pore Cleansing Foamy Gel

The first step to perfectly cared-for skin.

Sportive Cream Anti Oil

Sportive Cream Anti Oil & Shine

Light, refreshing cream for a sporty look.


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Kombuchka extract is obtained from a fermented tea drink in a symbiosis with two active microorganisms. This drink, which is also called „elixir of long life“, is still popular today, because, besides its fresh taste, it is attributed to an energy-donating effect. The name Kombucha comes from the Japanese terms CHA for tea and KOMBU, a dried brown algae used in Japan to make a tea. Also in Russia, Manchuria and Bohemia, Kombucha has a long tradition as a vitalising drink. Kombuchka extract is a true fountain for the men‘s skin because it reduces glycation reactions in the skin by up to 79%. This achieving a significant smoothing of the skin. At the same time the skin volume is improved again and the olive-coloured portion in the skin is reduced for a fresh, less pale and tired look.

Euglenia Gracilis Extract

Biotechnological produced. The natural Euglenia Gracilis (pseudo-microalgae), which mostly lives in fresh water, has both plant and animal characteristics. Furthermore it has also a very high survival ability in extreme situations and is able to feed and metabolize in a variety of ways. Biotechnologically replicated, this ability is used to stimulate the important metabolic factors of the skin and to strengthen its regenerative abilities. Cell metabolism is activated by stimulating calcium release and increasing the energy budget. Signs of fatigue are quickly reduced, the skin appears fresher, firmer and gets noticeably more tension.


Ionmoist is an active ingredient made from different components, specially developed for men‘s skin and tested according to individual needs. In order to name a few examples – urea for skin relaxation, glucose and calcium for more energy, magnesium to balance and build up and potassium for a plus of moisture and a matte appearance. In a balanced combination of these substances, IONMOIST stimulates the accumulation of moisture in the skin and keeps it stable. The skin appears visibly smoother and by filling the NMF (Natural Moisture Factor), it becomes more resistant and plump. An in-vivo-study demonstrates this severe increase in skin moisture with an immediate effect of + 27.2%, a 24 hour effect of + 42.2% and a 20 day long-term effect of + 53.5%.


An anti-ageing substance that firms the connection between the epidermis and the dermis, thereby achieving the maximum reduction in the depth and volume of wrinkles and crow’s-feet. Highly-effective biomimetic lipopeptide that plumps up lines and wrinkles from inside! Applying cosmetics to fill lines and wrinkles from outside is passé. A new generation of filling lines and wrinkles has arrived: filling them from inside with active ingredient-controlled synthesis of the skin’s own components.