Pure Cleansing


Exfoliating Guarana Mousse

Gentle BHA exfoliant with an instant effect.

Eye Make-Up Remover

2-Phase Instant Eye Make-Up Remover

Particularly mild and intensive eye make-up remover.

Cleansing Milk

Calming Cleansing Milk

Pampering cleansing milk.

Calming Tonic

Calming Tonic

The perfect way to complement your cleansing routine. With calming, moisturizing effect.

Cleansing Foam

Clarifying Cleansing Foam

Refreshing cleansing foam to make your skin feel fresh.

Clarifying Tonic

Invigorating facial lotion to give your skin an energy boost.

Lifting Peeling Powder

Lifting Peeling Powder

Gentle and grooming peeling powder for even, radiant skin. With immediate streamlining effect.

Refining Peeling

Refining Peeling

Creamy facial peeling for even and radiant skin.



Water Lily is a plant that grows in water of ponds. Its big leaves are spread on the surface of the water while its flowers seem to float over them. Since times gone by water lilies are regarded as symbols of freshness, purity, beauty and tranquility. Calming effects are attributed to the extract.


The perennial herb with tiny lilac flowers grows in and near the water in many European countries. The oval shaped leaves provide an essential oil similar to peppermint oil. Furthermore, the leaves contain flavonoids, tannins and saccharides. The leaf extract is refreshing, stimulating and vitalizing and has antioxidant, astringent and moisturizing properties.